A Bicycle in Good Repair – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What happened to the bearings according to the man?

Ans. The bearings were all in wrong condition according to the man.

Q. What was the nature of the man?

Ans. The man was of a cheerful disposition.

Q. What was the friend’s first question when he arrived?

Ans. As soon as he arrived, his first question was ‘how did the author’s bicycle run ?’

Q. What did the author do in the morning? Why?

Ans. The author got up early in the morning. He and his friend had decided to go for a bicycle ride.

Q. Was it right for the author’s friend to dismantle the bicycle?

Ans. The author’s bicycle was in a perfect state, there was no use or need for dismantling its parts.

Q Which was the toughest part of the bicycle that the author’s friend found the toughest to fix.

Ans. It was the gear-case that gave the author’s friend the most trouble.

Q. How was the author affected by the man?

Ans. The author was affected by the man in good sense. He was fascinated by his skill, cheery and inexplicable confidence.

Q. What happened to the man in the end?

Ans. The man was dirty, dishevelled cut and was bleeding. The author took him to the back garden where he cleaned himself. Then he was sent home back by the author.

Q. What did the friend do when the author had gone to fetch the hammer?

Ans. While the narrator had gone to fetch the hammer, his friend separated the front wheel from the bicycle and was turning it round between his fingers till the writer returned.

Q. How did the author react to what his friend did?

Ans. The friend caught hold of the bicycle from the fork and front wheel. He shook it violently. The author took it ill. He asked his friend not to hurt the bicycle.

Q. Why did the author ask his friend not to take off the gear-box?

Ans. The author had heard that he should sell the machine and buy a new one if the gear-box goes out of order. It would prove to be cheaper. Therefore, the author asked his friend not to take off the gear-box lest he should harm it.

Q. How the author and his friend spent the entire day?

Ans. The author’s friend dismantled the bicycle parts one-by-one for the entire day and then he spent the entire day fixing them back into place.

Q. How did the author said to encourage his friend to fix the gear-case?

Ans. The author said that it was fascinating to observe his friend working on the bicycle. He called his confidence as cheery and the hopefulness as inexplicable. His friend found these words to be encouraging and started re-fixing the gear-case.

Q. What was the state of the author’s friend at the last?

Ans. The author’s friend was completely tired because of his struggle with the bicycle. He was covered with oil and dirt. He found fixing the parts of the bicycle extremely tough and somehow got those parts in place. He called it quits finally claiming that it was enough.

Q. Narrator the author’s reaction when his bicycle was destroyed.

Ans. The author’s friend pretended to be an expert on bicycles. He took the bicycle by the front wheel. He shook it violently. The author forbade him to do so. Then the friend proceeded with the improvement of the bicycle. The author asked his friend to stop it. It had no effect on his friend. The friend declared that the bearings were all wrong. The author asked him not to trouble about it anymore. The friend did not pay any heed to his request. The author felt like kicking this friend out of the house. He tried to stop him from taking off the gear-box. But his friend did not accept the author’s advice. The cycle was fully destroyed. The author was sad at heart. However, he made a realistic remark that he appreciated his friend’s confidence and hopefulness.

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