A Pact with the Sun – Summary

Short Summary

Saeeda’s mother has not received proper medical treatment for her complaints. She is denied healthy food, sunshine and fresh air. At last, she consults a good physician who gives her effective medicine and sound advice. The sky remains overcast with clouds for a few days. Saeeda makes a special request to the sun rays to help her mother get well. The sun rays keep their word, come down in large numbers and give new life to Saeeda’s mother.


Saeeda’s mother had been suffering from a lot of ailments for a long time. She was treated by many doctors but showed no signs of improvement because her sickness soon relapsed. She was deprived of healthy food, sunshine and fresh air.

Then it was decided that a specialist should be consulted. Life is more precious than money. His fee was likely to be high, so she sold some ornaments to meet the expenditure of the physician and medicines. The specialist was called who examined her and emphasized that she should live in a sunlit room with lots of fresh air and eat anything she fancied. He also asked Saeeda’s mother to bask in the sun for an hour daily in the morning.

People of the neighbourhood opposed the doctor’s advice but Saeeda’s mother was determined to follow his advice. So she moved to a bigger, airy room. Unluckily the sky remained cloudy for a few days so Saeeda’s mother complained to God. Saeeda who was playing nearby heard her mother’s lament.

Later that day she saw a spot of pale sunshine. She asked her mother to bask in it but the people advised her not to go out in the chill so late. It will do more harm than good. Saeeda requested the departing sun rays to come early the next day to help her mother get well soon to which the rays promised.

Next day when the rays wanted to come down on the earth to fulfil their promise to Saeeda, the Sun objected and said that it was their day off. The road to earth was blocked with thick clouds. But the ray who had given its word to Saeeda and other rays revolted against their father the sun and used all their strength to reach the Earth and fulfil their promise. They succeeded in piercing the clouds and reached the earth though a bit late.

Saeeda was overjoyed to see the sun rays. Her mother basked in the sun and breathed fresh air. Her face glowed and her eyes shone bright. She soon recovered fully and continued to follow the doctor’s advice of an hour of sunlight and lungful of fresh air.

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