A Short Monsoon Dairy – Important Questions

Important Question with Answers

Q. How did the author describe the valley in one sentence?

Ans. The author described the valley as ‘A paradise that might have been.’

Q. When was there no dearth of food for insectivorous birds?

Ans. There was no dearth of food for insectivorous birds when there were rains.

Q. How do the hills look like in mist?

Ans. The mist in the hills provides privacy. Nothing can be seen. The hills are completely surrounded by mist making them silent. The birds sitting on the tree fly away to different places. As soon as the mist surrounds the hills, birds too fall silent.

Q. What does the author’s grandmother ask him not to kill? Why?

Ans. The author’s grandmother asked him not to kill chuchundars because they are lucky and bring money. The author got the cheque on the very same day.

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