A Triumph of Surgery – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What was Tricki’s condition when Mrs. Pumphrey recollected him?

Ans. Tricki’s ears were flapping. His tail was waving. He had been transformed into a lithe, hard muscled animal. His chest was almost brushing the ground. He was frolicsome, rather than an uninteresting object. The other dogs enjoyed his company.

Q. How can you say Tricki had an affluent life?

Ans. Tricki had a rich mistress Mrs. Pumphery. He lived an affluent life. Tricki wore a little tweed coat. He had a whole wardrobe of coats and raincoats. He had many beds and bowls. He was given two dozen eggs and many glasses of wine in the hospital. He was found of cream, chocolates and cakes.

Q. How did Mr. Pumphrey and her servant behave when Tricki was being sent to the surgery?

Ans. The entire staff was roused, maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, night bed, cushion, toys. Everybody was in tears. Mrs. Pumphrey gave a desperate cry, when Tricki was sent to surgery.

Q. Why did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot?


What was Tricki’s ailment? How did it worry Mrs. Pumphrey?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey had a dog named Tricki. Indirectly, she was responsible for the dog’s illness. She gave him little extra between meals i.e., malt, cod-liver oil, etc. He was not given any physical exercise. So, the dog fell ill and started vomiting also. It made Mrs. Pumphrey so much worried that she had to call the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Harriot for his treatment.

Q. Why was Dr. Herriot confident that Tricki will be in hospital soon?

Ans. Dr. Herriot was shocked to see Tricki’s condition. He knew that the latter would soon be hospitalised as he was unable to move. He had become hugely fat, like a bloated sausage and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

Q. How would you describe the behaviour of the rich woman Mrs. Pumphrey’s, pampering and overfeeding Tricky?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey behaved in a very silly and thoughtless manner by over pampering Tricky. Indirectly, she was responsible for his ill health. It was totally a waste of money. But this behaviour is very common among rich people. It is a general problem of those who live alone.

Q. What suggestions were given by Dr. Herriot to Mrs. Pumphrey at the initial stage?

Ans. Dr. Herriot suggested Mrs. Pumphrey to cut down on the sweet things and not to give extra food to him. He also suggested her to give him more exercises and keep him on a very strict diet.

Q. Why was Mr. Herriot tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey used to send lots of things like eggs, wine, brandy etc., for Tricki. But nothing was given to Tricki. All the things were consumed by the doctor and the other members of the hospital. Hence, Mr. Herriot was tempted to keep Tricky as his permanent guest.

Q. How did the vet cure Tricki of his ailment?

Ans. Tricki was kept in a warm box. He was given plenty of water. He was made to walk freely from the third day onwards. He was served food but he had to jostle with the bigger dogs for his food. It gave him the needed exercise. He started running, playing and fighting with other dogs. Soon he transformed into a healthy, golden, silky, muscular and flexible dog.

Q. Why was the narrator shocked at Tricki’s appearance?

Ans. The narrator was shocked at Tricki’s appearance because he had become very fat. His blood red and rheumy eyes gazed straight. His tongue lolled from his jaws. He had become hugely fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner.

Q. Do you agree that Tricki was in better hands of the surgeon who offered him no food but plenty of water, than with rich mistress?

Ans. Yes, Tricki was in better hands as the surgeon treated him well. He gave him the diet as per his need. He avoided over-feeding as his affectionate and emotional mistress did. The surgeon was taking good care of him personally.

Q. Why was Dr. Herriot worried about Tricki?

Ans. Dr. Herriot was worried about Tricki, because the latter was overweight and unable to walk. Moreover Mrs. Pumphrey gave him extra food, sweet things etc. He was hardly given any exercise.

Q. In the end of the lesson, Mrs. Pumphery says “This is a triumph of surgery.” Why.

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey’s dog, Tricki had fallen ill and had to be admitted for treatment to Dr. Herriot’s hospital. Dr. Herriot gave him a lot of water and exercise which helped Tricki to recover. When Mrs. Pumphrey went to collect him, Tricki jumped into her lap and started licking her face. Seeing him fully recovered, Mrs. Pumphrey called it a triumph in surgery.

Q. Mrs. Pumphrey thought that her dog’s recovery was a triumph of surgery. Elaborate.

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey was worried on noticing Tricki’s listlessness bouts of vomiting and lack of interest in food. She could not bear to see him in pain. She called on Dr. Herriot who advised hospitalisation for Tricki for a fortnight. The doctor knew that the chief cause of Tricki’s ailment was overfeeding. He was confident that by restricting the dog’s diet he would be able to make him well again. Keeping a vigilant eye on him, the doctor served him plenty of water but no food for the first two days. Tricki regained perfect health within a span of few days. According to Mrs. Pumphrey such quick and complete cure is usually possible only after surgery, so she thought that Tricki’s recovery was a triumph of surgery.

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