A Truly Beautiful Mind – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Why did Einstein’s playmates call him ‘Brother Boring’?

Ans. Einstein did not mix up with other children. He did not find their games interesting. He often uttered every word twice. He was often teased for his abnormally huge head. And so his friends nicknamed him ‘‘Brother Boring.’’

Q. Why did Einstein hate school?

Ans. Einstein hated school regimentation because of its extreme sense of discipline. He felt tired and suffocated with this atmosphere. He often clashed with his teacher.

Q. Why did Albert Einstein leave his school?

Ans. Albert Einstein left his school because he was not happy with the education system. He was not at ease with the strict regimentation of the school. He felt suffocated because of which he decided to leave school.

Q. How was Einstein’s private life unraveling after he finished his studies?

Ans. He had wanted to marry Mileva but his mother was against it. She thought Mileva was three years older than her son and too intelligent for him.

Q. What did Einstein call his desk drawer at the patent office and why?

Ans. Einstein called his desk drawer at the patent office the ‘‘bureau of theoretical physics’’ because he was working as a technical expert in the patent office in Bern where he was supposed to be assessing other people’s inventions.

Q. What is Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity?

Ans. According to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, time and distance are not absolute. From this followed the world’s most famous formula which describes the relationship between mass and energy i.e., E = mc2. Q

Q. Why did Einstein write a letter to the American President Roosevelt?

Ans. Einstein wrote a letter to Franklin Roosevelt about the dangers of atomic bombs when the Nazis were in Germany and he had to migrate from there. The discovery of Nuclear Fission in Germany made the American physicists upset that the Nazis could use an atom bomb.

Q. How did Einstein react to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Ans. Einstein was shocked at the extent of destruction caused by the bombing. He wrote a long letter to the United Nations and suggested that there should be a World Government.

Q. Why does the world remember Einstein as a world citizen?

Ans. The world remembers Einstein as a world citizen as he was deeply hurt by the mass destruction in Japan and campaigned for peace and democracy and worked for humanity.

Q. Why does the world remember Einstein as ‘a world citizen‘?

Ans. People called Einstein a world citizen because he campaigned for peace and democracy and was agitated against arms and bombs, especially after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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