A Visit to Cambridge – Important Questions

Q. Why did Cambridge become something else for the writer?

Ans. Cambridge became something else for the writer because he met Stephen Hawking, a great scientist there.

Q. Whose successor was Stephen Hawking supposed to be at the university?

Ans. Stephen Hawking was supposed to be the successor of Issac Newton at the university.

Q. What makes any disabled person strong?

Ans. Disabled people feel strong when they see somebody like them achieving something huge.

Q. How did Stephen Hawking respond to anybody?

Ans. Stephen Hawking responded by tapping on the switch trying to find the words on the computer.

Q. With what disease was the author suffering?

Ans. The author was suffering from brittle bones.

Q. ‘I could feel his anguish’. What was the anguish that the writer could feel?

Ans. The writer could feel the anguish of Stephen Hawking when he replied to each of the narrator’s questions by tapping on the switch and finding words on computer that also would leave him exhausted as that was the only movement he had in his body.

Q. Describe the physical appearance of Stephen Hawking.

Ans. He was very still like a photograph, head twisted sideways, body shrunk and legs wasted. He could neither speak nor move; he could only tap his fingers. His body was almost irrelevant to its existence.

Q. What was Stephen’s advice to the disabled?

Ans. Stephen’s advice to the disabled was that they should concentrate on what they are good at and things like olympics for disabled are a waste of time.

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