Active and Passive Voice – Exercises for Class 7

Voice is the form of the verb that signifies whether the subject of a sentence does an action or has an action done to it. Verbs can have two different voices: active and passive.

The sentences in which the subject performs the action and the object receives it, are said to be in active voice. When the verb in a sentence tells us that the subject is not the doer of the action, the sentence is in the passive voice.


Q. State whether the verbs in the following sentences are in active or passive voice.

  1. The girls accepted their fault.
  2. An important parcel was delivered by him.
  3. Rohan is narrating a story.
  4. All test papers are checked by him.
  5. Permission has been granted by the principal.


  1. active voice
  2. passive voice
  3. active voice
  4. passive voice
  5. passive voice

Q. Change the following into passive voice.

  1. They painted the house red.
  2. Did you see the strange animals at the zoo?
  3. The doctor examined the patients.
  4. Did Raman complete all his work?
  5. The grass was eaten by the cow.


  1. The house was painted red by them.
  2. Were the strange animals at the zoo seen by you?
  3. The patients were examined by the doctor.
  4. Is all his work completed by Raman?

Q. Change the following into active voice.

  1. Are these dresses stitched by her?
  2. The prizes were given away by the chief guest.
  3. The plants have been watered by the gardener.
  4. The aeroplane was flown by the pilot at a great height.


  1. Did she stitch these dresses?
  2. The chief guest gave away the prizes.
  3. The gardener has watered the plants.
  4. The pilot flew the aeroplane at a great height.

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