Active and Passive Voice – Exercises for Class 8

The verb that expresses the action done by the subject is said to be in the active voice. Example: He trains me.

The verb that expresses what is done to the subject is said to be in the passive voice. Example: I am trained by him.


Q. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate passive form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. She _______________ to leave immediately. [ask (past tense)]
  2. You _______________ to bring your child along for the party. [request (present tense)]
  3. The boys _______________ by the warden last night. [shout at (past tense)]
  4. She _______________ by others to sing the song. [force (past tense)]
  5. All the guests _______________ by the end of the next week. [invite (future perfect tense)]


Q. Rewrite the following sentences by changing them into passive voice.

  1. She has missed the train.
  2. The officer will have visited our institution.
  3. Sohan has bought the toy for me.
  4. Seema is taking a photograph.
  5. They are cheering the captain.


  1. The train was missed her.
  2. The institution will have been visited by the officer.
  3. The toy was bought for me by Sohan.
  4. The photograph is being taken by Seema.
  5. The captain is being cheered by them.

Q. Rewrite the following sentences in active voice.

  1. The classroom was decorated by Sarthak.
  2. He has been given a notice by the Manager.
  3. Are the plants being watered by anyone?
  4. The dance class was attended by many students.
  5. The teachers are displeased by Rajat’s conduct.


  1. Sarthak decorated the classroom.
  2. The manager gave him a notice.
  3. Is anyone watering the plants?
  4. Many students attended the dance class.
  5. Rajat’s conduct is displeasing to the teachers.

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