Active Voice – Exercises

In active voice, the thing doing the action is the subject of the sentence and the thing receiving the action is the object. Most sentences are active.

Active Voice Exercises

Q. Change the following sentences into active voice:

  1. The ball was kicked by him.
  2. An orange is being eaten by her.
  3. The work was done by them.
  4. The money has been stolen by him.
  5. It will be done by us.
  6. They were given some food by her.
  7. A letter was written to him by me.
  8. We were laughed at by them.
  9. A song was being sung by her.
  10. The story has been told by me.


  1. He kicked the ball.
  2. She is eating an orange.
  3. They did the work.
  4. He has stolen the money.
  5. We shall do it.
  6. She gave them some food.
  7. I wrote him a letter.
  8. They laughed at us.
  9. She was singing a song.
  10. I have told the story.

Q. Change into Active Voice:

  1. A story is being read by me.
  2. I have been punished by the teacher.
  3. Roses are being plucked by her.
  4. What is being done by you?
  5. By whom are you taught mathematics?
  6. Why is noise being made by you?
  7. What has been done by you?
  8. A letter was written by her.
  9. Was money wasted by you?
  10. Which movie was being seen by him?


  1. I am reading a story.
  2. The teacher has punished me.
  3. She is plucking roses.
  4. What are you doing?
  5. Who teaches you mathematics?
  6. Why are you making noise?
  7. What have you done?
  8. She wrote a letter.
  9. Did you waste money?
  10. Which movie was he seeing?

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