Adjective Exercises

An adjective is a word that adds to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun.

Adjective Exercises with Answers

Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of adjectives:

  1. She has just taken a sleeping-tablet. She is feeling __________ (drowsy) every minute now.
  2. Who is __________ (young), Jones or Phillip?
  3. He is one of the __________ (wealthy) men in the world.
  4. Nora was __________ (surprised) at his appearance than you were. Do you think his hairstyle suits him __________ (good) than the previous one did?
  5. He looked __________ (pale) and __________ (thin) after his illness. Before, he weighed the __________ (heavy) among the three of us, but now he is even __________ (light) than I am.
  6. He is the __________ (old) boy in the family, and he is the __________ (clever) one, too.
  7. The soup is __________ (tasty) than the vegetables.
  8. She is __________ (successful) than her brother. Her paintings sell __________ (good) than her brother’s.
  9. The __________ (little) you can do is to help her find a room to stay in.
  10. You have __________ (much) money than you need for the trip. The __________ (much) you need to spend is about three hundred dollars.


  1. drowsier
  2. younger
  3. wealthiest
  4. surprised; better
  5. paler; thinner; heaviest; lighter
  6. eldest; cleverest
  7. tastier
  8. successful; better
  9. least
  10. more; most

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