Adjectives – Exercises for Class 6

The words that describe nouns or pronouns are called adjectives.

  1. Sarah wore a green dress.
  2. That was a boring story.

In the sentences mentioned above, ‘green’ and ‘boring’ are the words that describing the nouns ‘dress’ and ‘story’.


Q. Change the following nouns and verbs into adjectives and fill in the blanks.

courage, play, cheer, fool, talk, colour

  1. The ___________ man killed the golden goose.
  2. These bangles are ___________.
  3. Isn’t your ___________ sister very quiet today?
  4. His ___________ act brought pride to everyone.
  5. Is your dog ___________?
  6. My ___________ nature is liked by all.


  1. foolish
  2. colourful
  3. talkative
  4. courageous
  5. playful
  6. cheerful

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