Adjectives – Exercises for Class 8

Words that are used to describe a noun or a pronoun are called adjectives.

The adjectives that show the kind, quality, colour, shape, size of nouns and pronouns are called adjectives of quality.

  • Adjectives of quantity show the amount of things or quantity.
  • Adjectives of number express the number of persons or things.
  • Interrogative adjectives are used to ask questions with reference to a particular noun.
  • Possessive adjectives express the state of possession of nouns and are placed before nouns.
  • Demonstrative adjectives point out to the noun we wish to refer to.


Q. Fill in the blanks with the type of adjectives given in the brackets.

  1. There are ____________ students in the classroom. (adjective of number)
  2. ____________ student has broken the glass? (interrogative adjective)
  3. It was a ____________ and tiring road journey. (adjective of quality)
  4. May I have ____________ water please? (quantitative adjective)
  5. ____________ watermelons are very sweet. (demonstrative adjective)
  6. ____________ school is open today. (possessive adjective)


  1. twenty
  2. Which
  3. long
  4. some
  5. These
  6. My

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