Aesop’s Fables

Aesop was a storyteller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables. The life of Aesop is in obscurity. There is nothing much to reply on with any degree of certainty in reference to the birth, life, and death of Aesop.

Aesop’s Fables includes most of the best-known fables. Aesop’s short stories are read by kids all over the world. There is every type and time of fable: but there is only one moral to the fable; because there is only one moral to everything.

Following is the collection of Aesop’s fables. These should be read to every young child as it is an ingenious method of conveying advice and instruction.

Aesop’s Fables

  1. A Raven and a Swan
  2. Belling the Cat
  3. Hercules and the Wagoner
  4. Jupiter and the Monkey
  5. Mercury and the Woodman
  6. The Animals and the Plague
  7. The Ant and the Dove
  8. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  9. The Ass and His Driver
  10. The Ass and His Shadow
  11. The Ass and the Grasshoppers
  12. The Ass and the Lap Dog
  13. The Ass and the Load of Salt
  14. The Ass Carrying the Image
  15. The Ass in the Lion’s Skin
  16. The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion
  17. The Astrologer
  18. The Bat and the Weasels
  19. The Bear and the Bees
  20. The Bees and Wasps, and the Hornet
  21. The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat
  22. The Boy and the Filberts
  23. The Boy and the Nettles
  24. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  25. The Boys and the Frogs
  26. The Bull and the Goat
  27. The Bundle of Sticks
  28. The Cat and the Birds
  29. The Cat and the Fox
  30. The Cat and the Old Rat
  31. The Cat, the Cock, and the Young Mouse
  32. The Cock and the Fox
  33. The Cock and the Jewel
  34. The Crow and the Pitcher
  35. The Dog and His Master’s Dinner
  36. The Dog and His Reflection
  37. The Dog and the Oyster
  38. The Dog in the Manger
  39. The Dog, the Cock, and the Fox
  40. The Dogs and the Fox
  41. The Dogs and the Hides
  42. The Eagle and the Beetle
  43. The Eagle and the Jackdaw
  44. The Eagle and the Kite
  45. The Farmer and His Sons
  46. The Farmer and the Cranes
  47. The Farmer and the Stork
  48. The Fighting Bulls and the Frog
  49. The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle
  50. The Fisherman and the Little Fish
  51. The Flies and the Honey
  52. The Fox and the Cock
  53. The Fox and the Crab
  54. The Fox and the Crow
  55. The Fox and the Goat
  56. The Fox and the Grapes
  57. The Fox and the Hedgehog
  58. The Fox and the Leopard
  59. The Fox and the Lion
  60. The Fox and the Monkey
  61. The Fox and the Pheasants
  62. The Fox and the Stork
  63. The Fox Without a Tail
  64. The Frog and the Mouse
  65. The Frogs and the Ox
  66. The Frogs Who Wished for a King
  67. The Gnat and the Bull
  68. The Goatherd and the Goat
  69. The Goatherd and the Wild Goats
  70. The Goose and the Golden Egg
  71. The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
  72. The Hare and His Ears
  73. The Hare and the Tortoise
  74. The Hares and the Frogs
  75. The Heron
  76. The Kid and the Wolf
  77. The Lark and Her Young Ones
  78. The Leap at Rhodes
  79. The Lion and the Ass
  80. The Lion and the Gnat
  81. The Lion and the Mouse
  82. The Lion, the Ass, and the Fox
  83. The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox
  84. The Lion’s Share
  85. The Man and the Lion
  86. The Man and the Satyr
  87. The Mice and the Weasels
  88. The Milkmaid and Her Pail
  89. The Miller, His Son, and the Ass
  90. The Mischievous Dog
  91. The Miser
  92. The Mole and his Mother
  93. The Monkey and the Camel
  94. The Monkey and the Cat
  95. The Monkey and the Dolphin
  96. The Mother and the Wolf
  97. The Mouse and the Weasel
  98. The Mule
  99. The North Wind and the Sun
  100. The Oak and the Reeds
  101. The Old Lion and the Fox
  102. The Old Lion
  103. The Owl and the Grasshopper
  104. The Oxen and the Wheels
  105. The Peacock and the Crane
  106. The Peacock
  107. The Plane Tree
  108. The Porcupine and the Snakes
  109. The Quack Toad
  110. The Rabbit, the Weasel, and the Cat
  111. The Rat and the Elephant
  112. The Rose and the Butterfly
  113. The Serpent and the Eagle
  114. The Sheep and the Pig
  115. The Shepherd and the Lion
  116. The Sick Stag
  117. The Spendthrift and the Swallow
  118. The Stag and His Reflection
  119. The Stag, the Sheep, and the Wolf
  120. The Swallow and the Crow
  121. The Tortoise and the Ducks
  122. The Tortoise and The Hare
  123. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  124. The Travelers and the Purse
  125. The Travelers and the Sea
  126. The Two Goats
  127. The Two Pots
  128. The Vain Jackdaw and his Borrowed Feathers
  129. The Wild Boar and the Fox
  130. The Wolf and His Shadow
  131. The Wolf and the Ass
  132. The Wolf and the Crane
  133. The Wolf and the Goat
  134. The Wolf and the House Dog
  135. The Wolf and the Kid
  136. The Wolf and the Lamb
  137. The Wolf and the Lean Dog
  138. The Wolf and the Lion
  139. The Wolf and the Sheep
  140. The Wolf and the Shepherd
  141. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  142. The Wolf, the Kid, and the Goat
  143. The Wolves and the Sheep
  144. The Young Crab and His Mother
  145. Three Bullocks and a Lion
  146. Two Travelers and a Bear

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