An Alien Hand – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How did Tilloo found his way to the forbidden passage?

Ans. Tilloo looked at his father’s I-card once when he was asleep. The card helped him to open the door of the forbidden secret passage and enter it.

Q. What had Tilloo expected to see once he had emerged from his underground home?

Ans. After getting out of his underground home, Tilloo had expected to see the sun or the stars.

Q. Why did Tilloo’s father tell him not to try to reach the surface of the planet?

Ans. Tilloo’s father told him not to try to reach the surface of the planet because the air was too thin to breathe and the temperature was too low.

Q. Why had people been forced to live underground?

Ans. The change in the balance of nature had killed all the animals and birds. The air had become thin and human beings could freeze to death.

Q. Why was everyone in the control room very excited?

Ans. Everyone in the control room was very excited because they had seen two spacecrafts approaching their planet.

Q. How do we know that the spacecraft was unmanned?

Ans. The spacecraft was unmanned as it contained only instruments and a mechanical hand that tried to collect samples of soil.

Q. What were the suggestions made by Number one?

Ans. Number one said that they could easily destroy those spacecraft but that would be an unwise act. They could wait and watch as the spacecrafts were unmanned.

Q. What happened when Tilloo pressed the red button?

Ans. When Tilloo pressed the red button it somehow made the mechanical hand inactive.

Q. Where had the spacecraft come from?

Ans. The spacecraft had been sent by NASA i.e., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, America from the planet earth.

Q. On which planet did Tilloo live?

Ans. Tilloo lived with his parents on a planet with thin freezing cold air and with no animals on the surface. He actually lived beneath the surface of that planet.

Q. The Number One felt that it was foolish to destroy the spacecraft in the space. Why?

Ans. A lot of resources were required to destroy the spacecraft in the space so Number one felt it would be foolish to destroy this in space. This was the reason why he suggested that it would be better to leave the spacecraft unoperational on the surface of the planet if it once landed there.

Q. A well-developed space programme was difficult to sustain in the present time. Why?

Ans. There was an extreme energy shortage in the present time because the demand of energy had increased many times. Again underground living made it difficult to continue a well-developed space programme because a few resources were required in this programme.

Q. When Tilloo proceeded on the forbidden passage, there was something curious. What was it?

Ans. Tilloo was a boy full of curiosity. He wanted to know more and more but he had underestimated the security arrangements, so he proceeded on the forbidden passage but his picture was captured by the cameras and sent to the Central Bureau immediately. After this he was not allowed by the security staff and he was led back home. Thus, he come the know about the security arrangements.

Q. The President of Central Committee received a report. What was it?

Ans. The President of the Central Committee received a report that there were two spacecrafts approaching. From the report, he came to know that there were two spacecrafts. One of them was approaching the surface of the planet, perhaps to land while the other one was or bitting around their planet.

Q. What happened when the Sun changed it position slightly?

Ans. The Sun was the main resource of life on the planet where Tilloo’s fathers’ ancestors had lived. When the Sun changed its position slightly, there were drastic changes in the environment. Unable to adapt with the changed times, first of all the birds became extinct, then the animals same to an end and finally the fish disappeared. Humans were able to survive only because they used superior technology to help them survive.

Q. Whose advice was finally accepted by the President of the Central Committee?

Ans. The recommendations of Number Two and Number Three must have been followed in all likelihood. They both recommended passive observation and non-interference. Number Three also wanted to reduce the surface activities to bare minimum so that the sender of the spacecrafts might not be able to know about their existence. This was the reason why the NASA scientists failed to find signs of life on Mars.

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