Article on Avoid Junk Food and Adhere to Healthy Diet

According to a recent survey, school students are the worst victims of malnutrition. This leads to poor performance in their studies. Write an article in 100-120 words for your school magazine appealing to students to avoid junk food an far as possible and adhere to a healthy diet of fruits and green vegetables. You are Vaibhavi/ Vaibhav of New Delhi.

Avoid Junk Food

By Vaibhavi

It is sad but true that the school students are the worst victims of malnutrition. The reason behind it is not poverty but their growing fondness for junk and fried food. Most students prefer pizzas and burgers over fruits and green vegetables. Such items have always been a more tempting option to the home cooked meal of rice, chapatis and vegetables. The opening of fast food corners has made it convenient to grab a burger than to carry a tiffin. But there is a huge price to be paid for this convenience.

Junk food is high in calories and extremely low in nutrients. It is a major cause of serious problems like obesity and malnourishment due to the lack of essential nutrients in the diet.

Fortunately, the solution of this problem is simple—give the children a better option of nutritious and hygienic home cooked food, made interesting through innovations. School authorities should also take immediate steps to replace fast food items with health promoting items such as milk, eggs, bread sandwich, fruit chaat etc. Students should be taught that health is wealth. If they remain healthy, only then they can concentrate on studies. Junk food will bring nothing but ill health, obesity and unhappy life.

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