Article on Beggars – A Nuisance

You are Punita/Punya and get disappointed to find beggars on the streets of your city. They not only disturb people but also cause traffic jams. Write an article on‘ Beggars – a nuisance’, in about 100 – 150 words.

Beggars – A Nuisance

By Punya

Beggars are people ranging from men, women or children who resort to begging for their livelihood, some are physically handicapped but some other are physically strong. Another type of beggars beg because they don’t want to work.

All types of beggars can be seen on streets, especially, at traffic signals and cause disturbances and traffic jams. They can be easily seen near the temples and bus stands, disturbing people. Some people disguised as a beggar, are thieves who rob the common man.

Whatever may be the case, these people should be admitted into some kind of charitable organisations and should be given food and shelter and should be employed in some kind of work based on their capabilities.

We, the citizens and the government have to work together for the upliftment and rehabilitation of the beggars.

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