Article on Books Are Our Best Companions

Books are the main source of knowledge. Whether we read books printed on paper or e-books, their importance cannot be denied. They serve as our best friend and companions. Write an article in about 100- 150 words on ‘Books are our Best Companions’. You are Manan/Monica.

Books are our Best Companions

By: Monica

The poet Robert Southey has beautifully called books his never failing friends with whom he converses everyday. Books enlighten, give knowledge, entertain and inform us. Whether we read books printed on paper or telebooks, their importance cannot be denied. They fill our minds and hearts with hope and joy. Writers like Tagore have put forward to us their life on a platter to understand their goals and teachings. When we read books, we are in the company of the best and the noblest minds of all ages. They enrich our minds. Books are a storehouse of knowledge. Books often provide a person with the ability to judge between right and wrong and the courage to follow the righteous path. Books indeed provide a pleasurable company and prove to be a trustworthy and lifelong companion.

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