Article on Causes of Stress on Modern Generation

The present day youth are greatly stressed due to cut-throat competition and consumerist culture. Write an article in 150-200 words on the causes of the stress on the modern generation suggesting suitable solutions.

Stressed on Modern Generation

by Rahul

Today, we are living in an age when people are more stressed than relaxed. Due to extreme competitiveness in every aspect of life, there is always a lack of time. This then leads to high level of anxiety, mental tension and of course, the feeling of dissatisfaction.

A cut-throat competition starts at school level with parents pressurising children to work extra hard and score high marks in all subjects. Students too feel the pressure of performing better than the rest. Therefore, they get stressed when they are unable to perform according to expectation. The stress builds on until it turns into health hazards, which stays on forever.

Then there is stress at work front, which is worse than scoring high. Students might acquire highest marks, but this does not guarantee that it would land their desired jobs. Even if they do, there are other reasons for one to feel the stress. Desired salary, timely promotion, material growth, such as own house and car, marriage, etc. often come along with anxiety, stress and lifestyle diseases.

Therefore, it is suffice to say that the present day youth are greatly stressed and to some extent, the consumerist culture is to be blamed for this.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid stress at all times. Regular exercise and yoga improves concentration and keeps the mind healthy. It decreases physical ailments, reduces behavioural problems, reduces depression, stress, thus calming one’s mind.

One should also spend some quality time with one’s family, friends and loved ones, do charity/ community service, adopt pets, go for walks or pursue a hobby in order to de-stress.

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