Article on Children Working in Hazardous Factories

You have seen many children working in glass and other hazardous factories. You are sad to see this. As Jai, write an article for you school magazine.

Children Working in Glass Factories

By Rahul

Child labour is very common in India, specially in hazardous industries like glass factories, carpet factories, etc. In glass factories, one can see children sitting in small cells in front of furnaces and working there.

Children are not paid well and due to darkness and heat they lose their eyesight at a very young age. They are so much involved into this work that they forget about anything else.

These hazardous conditions make them prone to diseases. They fall ill frequently and many a times they even become prey to fatal diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, etc. and because of the shortage of money, these children do not get proper treatment.

At the age of playing and studying these children become the earning members of their families. Child labour should be banned and strict actions should be taken against the people who promote child labour.

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