Article on Cleaner and Greener India

One of the key messages of the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech was ‘Clean India’. The Government has taken an initiative for cleaning the rivers especially ‘The Ganges’. The Government has also urged the people of India to realise the dream of ‘Clean India’. Write an article in 100-120 words mentioning the measures people can take for a cleaner and greener India.

Clean India, Green India


To fulfil Gandhiji’s and many other reformers’ dream of clean and green India, our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji emphasized on ‘Clean India’. On the occasion of Independence Day, his key message to fellow beings was to adopt it as the compulsory agenda.

In today’s scenario, we can see dust and dirt everywhere. Our surroundings are unclean. Our environment is in the constant grip of filth, squalor and garbage. There are heaps of garbage lying everywhere. Adding insult to the injury, even our sacred rivers are not spared. We are just worried about our own houses. We throw domestic as well as industrial garbage, dead bodies etc. in the same sacred rivers, e.g., the Yamuna, the Ganga, to whom we worship next to God.

This menace is not only making our atmosphere dirty but also making it difficult to get fresh air. The reason is that rapid mushrooming of industries and deforestation at a higher rate to establish these industries and new colonies has caused the density of oxygen to come down abruptly.

All of us are aware of these facts but until and unless each one of us wakes up to the problem and takes remedial steps, the dream of cleaner and greener India can’t be realised. Following the urge of Government also, we should plant more trees; keep our city, especially our rivers clean and pollution-free.

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