Article on Coaching Classes: Not Helpful in Grades and a Waste of Time

Nowadays, students attend coaching classes early in the morning or after school hours. You feel that this trend makes them tired, affects their health and so their grades. Write an article in 150-200 words to make the students understand how this is not very helpful in improving their grades and is a waste of their precious time.

Coaching Classes: A Waste of Time and Money

by Rahul

The rat race of this competitive world starts as early as the school days. Students as young as ten feel weighed down by their studies in an attempt to score high in all their subjects. Parents are often helpless since they are unable to provide proper guidance when it comes to studies. They find sending their children to coaching centres more convenient than devoting time to them.

Coaching centres too have their own limitations. The price is too high but the quality of education provided by them is not good enough. Due to time limitations, the tutor is unable to pay equal amount of attention to each and every student. Special importance is given to bright students whereas students who are weak in that particular subject are neglected. This adds to their stress, which, in return, affects their health.

Nowadays, students attend coaching classes early in the morning or after school hours. This trend makes them tired, sleepy and distracted in school. In addition to the homework given in school, students also have to finish homework given to them at the coaching centre. As a result, children have to cut down their time for recreation and physical activities. Too much studies and no play not only affect the health of the children, but their grades as well.

Both, students and their parents, must understand that coaching classes are not helpful in any way. Instead, they are a waste of their time and money. Students should be responsible for their own studies and grades. Even if their scores aren’t high, students should not be critisised or pressurised for it. They must be taught to develop their attention and retention powers so that the children are able to easily grasp the concepts taught in class and remember them for a long time. Only then students will be able to achieve better grades, that too without the help of coaching centres.

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