Article on Commercialization of Education

As Madhu/Mohan, write an article for your school magazine voicing your concern about commercialization of education in about 120 words.

Commercialization of Education

By Madhu

Liberalization of economy in India has generated more wealth and a never satiating consumerism; unfortunately even education has fallen into the clutches of commercialization. Parents who are well-off want to provide ‘quality’ education to their children. English medium schools and so called ‘public schools’ have mushroomed and are flourishing on the weaknesses of class conscious parents.

Leaving aside a few reputed and established names, most of these newly sprung-up schools are not better than ‘teaching shops’. They mint money at the cost of ignorant and credulous parents. To a casual onlooker, the system appears restrictive and selective, but the overcrowded classrooms with 60 to 70 students in the primary section tell a different story.

The overcrowded classrooms adversely affect the academic standards. It is very difficult for any teacher, how so ever resourceful, to build any report or conduct interactive sessions in such classes. The curriculum is ‘covered’ in a poor manner. The academic values are brushed aside and the sole factor that governs the school authorities is money. The concerned authorities must make a note of it and take necessary action so that the students get quality education and come out in flying colours.

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