Article on Companionship of Books

Write an article on ‘Companionship of Books’ in about 120 words to be read out in the school assembly on the occasion of ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’ (24th April).

Books are our Best Companions

By Ayushi

Books enlighten us, cheer us and encourage us. They make us healthy, wealthy and wise. Books are our best companions as they never desert us in our hour of need. Friends may give us a cold shoulder in our adversity, but not the books. They amuse, entertain and inspire us even in our darkest hour. They provide a welcome escape from the dullness and drudgery of life.

Books contain the best thoughts and experiences of the noblest mind that ever lived on the earth. They are depositories of knowledge and give us a glimpse of the divergent cultures, traditions, creeds and customs. Books are source of pleasure, when we are sad or alone, books provide a cheerful company. Loneliness is no trouble for a reader. The modern world is changing fast and one must keep himself well informed.

Now, we can read books on the computers, as well. Reading makes a full man. Indeed, books are the treasured wealth of the world, the fit inheritance of generations and nations.

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