Article on Conservation of Environment

Of late, a serious concern has been expressed at National and International forum over the rising water levels due to global warming. In view of this, write an article on ‘Conservation of Environment’ in about 120 words.

Conservation of Environment


There is an all round degradation of human environment. People complain of scorching heat, respiratory problems and ill health. It is time to pause and consider the cause behind all this. Global warming is increasing due to greenhouse gases. There is an urgent need to bring about awareness regarding environmental concerns.

Environmental pollution is the gift of galloping population, unplanned industrialization, mining and haphazard and faulty town planning. Indiscriminate felling of trees and deforestation to utilise more land for agricultural purposes have added to the problems.

Under these circumstances, it is essential to create awareness among all people to keep the environment clean and pure. Vacant spaces may be turned into green pastures with saplings and trees around them. Efforts should be made to maintain the ecological balance.

We can arrange mass rallies or walks to create public awareness and force the concerned authorities to take preventive action.

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