Article on Conserve Water

You don’t approve of the ways of people as they waste a lot of water. To spread awareness among students, write an article ‘Conserve Water’ to be published in the school magazine.

Conserve Water

By Neelam

Water, water everywhere
Not a single drop to drink.

These lines are proving true as the scarcity of water is catching on all around the world. This is the result of man’s undue harvesting of the normal resource.

We need water not only for our personal needs, but also for agriculture and industries. When there is plenty of water, we tend to waste it by leaving the taps running. Our carelessness leads to a lot of waste.

We have to conserve each and every drop of water which is being wasted today.

Schemes like water harvesting need to be launched on a big scale. Ecoclubs should be established in all the schools of the country to spread awareness among the students about the need to save environment.

Only then we can ensure a safe future for our coming generations, otherwise, the day is not far when we may witness another world-war not for land, but for water.

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