Article on Cruelty to Animals

You saw a stray dog beaten to death by a group of boys. Their act infuriated you and you scolded them for their cruel act. You decided to write an article on cruelty to animals. Write the article in 125-150 words.

Cruelty to Animals

by Rahul

Treating animals with love and compassion is the moral duty of every individual. However, we often fail to fulfil this duty. Instances of animal cruelty are in abundance in our society. Poachers mercilessly kill animals for their skin, fur and teeth. This has led to the extinction of several species of animals which, in turn, has affected the ecological balance of our planet.

Some families buy exotic pets without any knowledge of how to care for them. This leads to neglect of pets, which further leads to them getting abandoned on the streets. This results in increase of stray animals that are subjected to all kinds of intentional cruelty.

Several companies use animals for testing medicines and cosmetics. Similarly, animals are often ill-treated and forced into performing circus tricks and other activities for our entertainment.

The only way to take animals off the streets is by creating proper animal shelters where they’d be provided with food. Also, creating effective awareness is necessary.

We must understand that co-existence and harmony between humans and animals are essential for our planet’s survival. We must be more responsible and protective towards animals. We must learn to love them.

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