Article on Decreasing Interest of Students in Sports and Games

You are worried about the decreasing interest of students in sports and games. Write an article in 150- 200 words to be published in a magazine on the need for sports and games.

Decreasing Interest of Students in Sports and Games

by Rohan

By definition, sports and games are activities, which one does for pleasure and recreation. Not only sports and games rejuvenate us, they also make us physically and mentally fit. This is why, sports and games have been made a part of the school curriculum.

However, gradually, sports and games are losing their place in the lives of children. In today’s competitive times, everyone wants to be one step ahead of others. Similarly, students, in an attempt to stay ahead academically, give more importance to their studies and examination results. Some students study fourteen hours a day even on holidays. As a result, sports and games are no longer in the top priority. The decreasing interest of students in sports and games are worrying.

Teachers, parents and also students must understand the importance of and need for sports and games in our daily lives. Majority of children do not walk to the school. They spend most of the day sitting in their classrooms absorbing knowledge. Although they exercise their minds, but their bodies, not so much. In addition, children these days prefer playing video/computer games rather than going out and play an actual game.

Zero physical activity, leads to a variety of health problems, such as obesity, brittle bones, underdeveloped muscles, etc. Sports and games not only improve physical and mental health they also inculcate discipline in students. They learn to work in teams and their self-confidence gets a boost.

Given that a sportsperson acquires a lot of fame and fortune in the field of sports, one can conclude by saying that sports and games are equally lucrative career choices too.

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