Article on Each One Teach One

Each One Teach One

By Suman

India is a big country and its population is about 130 millions. But it is pity that even after more than 70 years of Independence over 30% of its population is completely illiterate. In India more illiteracy is in villages.

Recently, a campaign was started named ‘Each One, Teach One’. It aims at creating opportunities for underprivileged children in India. In this campaign mostly the school and college students are taking part.

It is our social and moral responsibility to provide education to our brothers and sisters who are not lucky enough to achieve the benefits of education.

It is said that students have great reservoir of energy and we as a students can become a very potent force to provide our countrymen the benefits of education.

Today, the need of the hour is ‘Each One, Teach One’, that is each student should teach at least one person. In this way we can help our country get rid of illiteracy and move faster towards development.

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