Article on Education of Girl Child in the Country

In many parts of our country girls are still discouraged from going to school. Consequently sizable section of the population is deprived of education. Schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, CBSE scholarship to single girl child and the Government’s policy of giving free education to girls have come as a boon to our society. Write an article in 150- 200 words on education of the girl child in the country.

Education of the Girl Child in the Country

by Rahul

In many countries, including India, the girl child is discriminated against from the early stages of her life. It is because of this discrimination, girls are not allowed education either in their childhood or after a certain age. In rural parts of India, one of the reasons why girls are deprived of education is that they would leave the parents’ house post marriage. Poor parents do not consider it to be economical investment. Since boys are the bread earners, their education is given the maximum importance.

Often girls themselves choose not to study, usually due to financial crisis at home, domestic responsibilities and even lack of aspiration. However, education for girls is extremely necessary because they too play an important role in country’s economy and society. Also, women are the primary care givers in the family. Proper education would enable them to improve their lives and others’ as well. Educated girls can share the burden of earning a livelihood, which would eliminate child labour.

Education will also make girls aware of family planning, health and sanitation. As a result, there will be low infant mortality rates and less numbers of death of women in child birth.

Fortunately, government schemes, such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, CBSE scholarship to single girl child and the policy of giving free education to girls have come as a boon to our society. One can say there is still hope for the betterment of the country.

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