Article on Helping Road Victims

When people see a road victim, they just walk away without helping him. This is unbecoming of a responsible citizen. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Helping Road Victims’. You are Ram/Rama.

Helping Road Victims

By Ram

Weak enforcement of laws, highway traffic, the growing congestion on roads and personal issues play a major role in the disposition of road accidents. Now-a-days, road accidents are very common – it is a dreadful fact but the more dreadful is the insensitive attitude of the people. When people see a road victim, they just walk away without helping him which may result in the loss of precious life. It just reflects the irresponsible attitude of the citizens.

If a victim gets timely help, his life can be saved. It is our moral duty to help the needy. We can make a call for ambulance. We can take the victim to the hospital on our own. Sometimes timely help matters a lot. First-aid can be given on the spot. If we can’t do anything other than consoling and soothing the victim by accompanying him, it also counts a lot.

Now rules for hospitals have been passed that a victim should be attended first, later police enquiry will be done in case of accident. So, there is nothing to be afraid in a police-case. The utmost important thing, that is to be done in such a scenario is to bring social awareness through schools, media, traffic police campaigns and NGOs so that precious lives can be saved.

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