Article on How Nature Helps to Fight Stress

Due to busy life, we get no time to admire nature and have moved away from it. How does contact with nature help us to fight with stress and maintain good health. Describe it in an article in 100-120 words. You are Arun/Aruna.

Being Close to Nature

By Aruna

Do you know how many flowering trees are there near your house ? Are there any butterflies in this season ? When do we see catterpillars ? What about a garden ? Do you have one at home ? What colour flowers are there in the park near your home ? But before that another question—do you have a park near your house ?

If you have answered ‘No’ to most of these questions, don’t get worried, you have just joined the league of many others. The league of those who are so busy with their lives, that they do not have time to even look around. Such is life now that everyone has rigid routines with no time to either interect with humans or nature.

With the cut throat competition in today’s world, people have only time for work. Life has become monotonous and stressful. People suffer from various diseases, mostly because they don’t have time to be one with nature.

The only remedy is to take time and be close to nature. It will help break away from the monotony of life. It will also rejuvenate and de-stress one. Half of the diseases are controlled when one breathes in fresh air. People also get to relax and thereby obtain peace and serenity. All in all, it strengthens immunity. So, we need to be close to nature for our own good.

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