Article on How to Get a Healthy Life

Write an article on ‘How to get a healthy life?’ in 100- 150 words. You are Megha/Mahesh.

How to Get a Healthy Life

Health is wealth. This proverb, no matter how frequently and commonly used, will never become passe because it encapsulates the value of health. A healthy life is a blessing. We can make our life a blessing by following some simple and regular habits of having food, water and sleep.

One of the primary steps to getting a healthy life is having food on time. Skipping meals and staying hungry for a long time cause many diseases and tamper the metabolism of the body. Oily and spicy junk food caters to our taste buds but cause irreparable damage to the body. Poor digestive system, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases are some common fallout of such consumption.

Our body is made of 75% of water. Drinking of clean water, 2 to 3 litre every day, is essential to live a healthy life. Water keeps our organs clean. It helps to get a radiant supple skin too. A sound sleep of about 7 to 8 hours a day is indispensible to get a fresh and energetic body and mind. A sound sleep fights stress. Lastly, exercise and good thoughts contribute most meaningfully towards a healthy life.

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