Article on How to Keep a Check on Population

India is an emerging economy. We are rich in natural resources. Yet a significant proportion of our people is living below poverty line. One cause of this poverty is our rising population. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to keep a check on population’. You are Karuna/ Karan.

How to Keep a Check On Population

by Karuna

The growth in population is phenomenal. India is the second most populous country in the world. If the growth rate goes unchecked, we shall overtake China in the next twenty years.

India is a country rich in natural resources. Yet a significant proportion of our people are living below poverty line. Our rising population is to be blamed. This population explosion is a severe drain of our natural resources and hampers all development programmes. Unemployment has also increased. There is a problem of feeding the teeming millions as the population goes on increasing every year.

Housing, clothing, education and medical facilities are required in the same proportion. This makes our plans an object of mockery. They fail to revive the economy as the target required keeps on expanding.

The only ray of hope lies in having a workable and scientific campaign of family planning. Vigorous drives must be launched to educate the masses on the danger of over pollution. China has frozen its population growth by adopting ‘one family one child’ programme. The government of India too must implement policies to control rise in population. Literacy for the mass is extremely necessary along with relevant job opportunities for both men and women. Above all women must be empowered and educated so that they understand the importance of birth control and living a healthy life.

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