Article on How to Promote Tourism in India

India has been called a ‘tourists’ paradise’. Yet there are a few problems that the tourists face while in India. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to promote tourism in India’. You are Karuna/Karan.

How to Promote Tourism in India

by Karuna

India has been called a tourists’ paradise. Yet, there are a few problems that the tourists face while in India. For instance, there is the incredible communication issue. For tourists visiting from other states and foreign countries, expressing themselves in a language they barely know, is a daunting task. Also, knowing English is not always helpful. Besides language problems cleanliness and hygiene, transportation, safety, etc. are few other issues which is dragging the good name of Indian Tourism to dust. India is losing many of its foreign tourists. In order to reestablish India as a Tourists’ Paradise the government must advertise India’s diversity and rich heritage. India is a country, which may have branched out to modernism however, her roots are set deep in traditions and culture. Foreign tourists appreciate these traditions a lot.

One of the biggest reason why foreign tourists avoid visiting India is that they don’t feel safe here. There have been instances when foreign nationals have faced harassment but couldn’t acquire help from the locals due to communication problems. Therefore, the government must ensure safety of foreign tourists so that they don’t feel harassed in anyway. Government must also enforce stringent laws to punish the perpetrators.

Appointment of trained tourist guides by the government will benefit tourists as there will be lesser chance of getting duped by frauds. Taking these and more such precautions for the interests of foreign tourists are sure to attract them towards India.

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