Article on Ill Effects on Students of Too Much of Television

You are Pratibha/Rahul of Class X. Write an article in 100 – 120 words on ‘Ill effects on students of too much of television’. You can use the following clues:

  • Increasing addiction
  • A great variety of programmes
  • Easy availability
  • Neglect of studies
  • Drop in academic performance
  • Result — poor physical and mental health

Ill Effects on Students of Too Much of Television

By Rahul

Most children nowadays, watch television as part of their leisure time. Two of the major reasons are that there is a great variety of television programs and the ease of availability. If children do not get to watch their programs on television, they will use their parents’ phone to watch the *, programs online. Researchers have found that watching television for young children has both its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Watching TV for children is an enjoyable activity but it can have several ill effects on their cognitive abilities, health, and their habits. Children who watch a lot of TV programs can suffer from the lack of concentration.

When he or she watches a TV program, they get only a few minutes to concentrate and that too in between the advertisements. They also find it difficult to imagine because when they watch a television program, they only need to look and listen. A child who likes to watch television programs can be in front of it for many hours. Obesity is a fast-growing problem amongst children these days due to the lack of physical activity. Children become lazy to try out new activities as they do not want to miss their television programs. They often prefer watching T.V. over doing their homework or learning their lessons, which eventually leads to a drop in the academic performance. Another bad effect is that they will be influenced by violence in some television programs as they have not yet developed their critical thinking skill to differentiate between good and bad. Anything in excess is harmful to a person. Thus, watching excessive television can lead to poor physical and mental health.

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