Article on Importance of Discipline and Time Management

There is a dire need for children to understand the importance of being disciplined and punctual in life. Write an article on the importance of discipline and time management in life. Sign as Nuzzat/Ashish.

Importance of Discipline and Time Management

By: Nuzzat

By discipline, we mean developing of some good habits and integrally imbibing them. Regularity, punctuality, decency, good manners and proper behaviour are part and parcel of a disciplined life.

A man of discipline is a winner in the race of life. He can complete his each and every job with ease and grace, because he works like a busy-bee at work but not like a machine i.e., in a routine way, but with planned schedule. With proper management of time, He sails smoothly and achieves his high aim.

Students and discipline are two sides of the same coin. A student must be punctual, sincere and honest to his duties; must not shirk or delay the assigned work. Such children are the real asset of a nation.

It is entirely in the hands of the parents, teachers and society to shape their children in the manner they like. Discipline and punctuality should be inculcated in them by constant training and practice.

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