Article on Importance of Exercise and Nutritious Food

You are disturbed to find that most of the youngsters nowadays are falling prey to the fast food culture, overeating and lazy life style. Write an article on the topic, ‘Importance of exercise and nutritious food’. You are Raj/Rani.

Importance of Exercise and Nutritious Food

In today’s fast-paced age where every individual is running from pillar to post to make ends meet; even the young and old are getting trapped. The millennial culture of bonded corporate labourers from ‘Monday to Friday’ and ‘party animals’ over the weekends is taking a severe toll on our mental, physical, and emotional health. One is so busy accumulating likes on social media and looking forward to the next appraisal cycle or planning the holiday destination that he neglects what is he feeding his mind and body with.

Youngsters today are struggling to reach their classes or office on time; thanks to the ever-growing traffic and their lazy life-styles. Home-cooked healthy meals have become once-in-a-while retreat. Exercise is something that one enjoys watching the social media influencers perform in their videos because the youngsters have ‘no time for it’.

One must sit back and ponder how long will he be able to run with such unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits? Our country’s future depends on the shoulders of the youth and hence, these shoulders need to stay healthy and strong. One must make an effort to eat a home-cooked balanced diet along with a minimum of 4 days of exercise in a week to keep his mind and body strong.

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