Article on Importance of Outdoor Games

Our performance in the Rio Olympics has told us that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is the time we revise our attitude. Sports should be an important part of every school’s daily routine. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreej a/Thomas.

Importance of Outdoor Games

By Sreeja/Thomas

As in the words of Muhammad Ali:

“Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, — a desire, a dream, a vision”.

But our performance in Rio Olympics tells a different story. A nation of more than 125 crores has not been able to produce a sportsperson, or an athlete of International standards even after 76 years of independence! What really is the reason behind the adverse condition of Indian sports? Growing craze of cellphones and video games among children are the official apathy and the lack of facilities are like an additional handicap. Also, at present, there is a lot of emphasis on academics which leads to the lack of time for the students to get indulge in sports activities. So, to brighten up the image of sports and games, indoor and outdoor games are equally important-one for relaxation and the other for physical exercise. Games such as Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Football and Lawn Tennis provide recreation, develop sportsmanship and broaden the base of sports. There is no doubt that these outdoor games develop good habits, skills, knowledge and other social qualities required in a sportsperson. Sports personalities and players should be given proper training for them to be properly motivated. If we really want to revive our sports, the Govt, and sports authorities of India must put serious efforts into the matter. Proper facilities should be provided to the athletes and new talent should be encouraged. In order to enhance the performance, we should chalk out weekly plans, meso-cycle plans, micro cycle and yearly plans for the sports person. Sports play an integral part in education. So we should motivate all the students of an institution to take parts in games and sports. ‘A game for each and each for a game’ may be considered the motto of sports.

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