Article on India of My Dreams

Write an article on ‘India of My Dreams, for your school magazine in about 200 words.

India of My Dreams

By Rajiv Malhotra

Dreams of future is the easiest escape from the bitter realities of the present times. But it is better to be a dreamer and visionary than to be a chronic pessimist. I create a fantastic vision of my motherland as I would like to see it in the 21st century. India of my dreams will be a great country dominating the international scene. It will be a strong nation capable of saving its sovereignty and defending its hard earned freedom.

I want to dream of India as the natural leader of the countries of the world and a champion of disarmament and world peace. Let India be a great and strong industrialised nation excelling in latest science and technology. Our IITs, medical institutes and IIMs will continue to produce the best engineers, doctors and managers in the world. The India of my dream will be free from communal riots and caste conflicts. It will be free from narrow lingualism, sectarianism, regionalism and terrorism.

India will be a land of peace, prosperity and plenty. It will also be a land of equal opportunities and promises to all its men and women. Any kind of exploitation based on religion, language, region or sex will have no place in India. It has a glorious past and a great ancient culture. It will have a bright future where the people will bask in the glory of knowledge, wealth, peace and prosperity.

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