Article on Killing of Senior Citizens and How to Curb This Menace

Write an article on the killing of senior citizens and how to curb this menace in 100-150 words.

Our Senior Citizens are our Priority

It is alarming to read about the killing of senior citizens almost every day in the newspaper. It raises serious questions about our safety and security. But the question that disquiets me the most is that have we failed to protect our parents and grandparents as a society? Isn’t giving them a peaceful and secured life in their twilight years a part of our social and moral duty?

The urgent need of the hour is to think of the ways to curb this menace. In most of the cases, senior citizens live alone out of compulsion. Living in societies or apartments is safer, though danger cannot be completely ruled out there too. People who live away from their old parents by compulsion should ensure an accommodation for them near friends and relatives. Maids and help should be appointed only after a thorough examination of their past. Police should be informed about their appointment. They should be more vigilant and fortify their security check mechanism to throttle the evil-minded. Giving a good life to our senior citizens is a prime duty as a citizen of a country too.

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