Article on Lack of Civic Sense

Last week, as you were coming back from school you happened to see a huge plastic bag full of leftover food being flung onto the middle of the road from a speeding car. You wondered how people can be so devoid of civic sense. Write an article in 125-150 words on why we lack civic sense and how civic sense can be inculcated in children at a very young age.

Lack of Civic Sense

by Rahul

Callousness and irresponsibility seem to be the order of the day. Modern society has given birth to indifferent individuals. People no longer think of the greater good of the society. They are driven by their selfish, individual needs. In India, people hardly follow traffic rules. They never think twice before littering the streets. They have no respect for public property. Vandalism, road rage and intolerance are rampant on the streets.

Why this detached behaviour towards one’s society? The answer is simple. Civic sense is no longer considered an important value. This is why, it is no longer practised and encouraged at home. Since children don’t find the right role models in their elders, they don’t bother to give civic sense any importance.

Inculcating a strong civic sense in the young generation is the need of the hour. Parents must do so with children at an early age. They must be taught the values of cleanliness, discipline, patience and tolerance. Civic education must be made mandatory at school level. Spreading proper awareness through talks, media, street plays, etc. is also important to teach children to avoid wastage and encourage use of dustbins. If children are properly educated, India is bound to have a bright future.

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