Article on Loss of Moral Values Over Material Gains

Western Culture has completely mesmerized the younger generation. They do not respect their elders. Write an article on “Loss of Moral Values over Material Gains” in about 100-150 words.

Loss of Moral Values Over Material Gains

Man’s incessant greed and lust for money has been the prime cause for the loss of moral values. Never content with what he has, he forever strives to amass money and material goods by any means.

Nowadays people are primarily interested in acquisition of money and status. The present day world is highly materialistic and the ever increasing greed for money and matter at the cost of material has engulfed the society as a whole. There are very few who can claim that materialism has not affected him in any way.

We are not complacent with the fulfillment of our basic needs but we want to acquire more and more by hook or by crook even if we have to jeopardize moral and ethical values.

The mania of this excess money has squeezed humanistic approaches and has made us misanthropes, stoic, and egoistic in our efforts to fulfill this mania.

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