Article on Make India a Carefree and Enjoyable Place for Women

Write an article in 150-200 words on how we can make India a carefree and enjoyable place for women where they can go wherever they like to without any fear of being stared at, molested or discriminated against. You are Navtej/Navita.

Make India Safe for Women

by Navita

Thy name is integrity and strength.

These are very powerful words that give a woman her due position in the society. But, she is suppressed and put down by the society. A woman’s strength is seen in her dealing with the problems of her day-to-day life. A man is incapable of handling emotional stress without the support of a woman, either as a mother, wife, sister or daughter. Yet, he poses to be the powerful gender.

This is an era when women are trying to shatter the gender barriers created by the society. They are proving themselves as strong and independent individuals. However, majority of women are dominated, illiterate and considered subordinates by men. Until and unless the mental attitude of the society towards women changes India cannot be a carefree and enjoyable place for them.

First of all, women need to be treated equally everywhere, especially at work places. They should be given equal pay and there should be zero discrimination. To make women feel safer in a country like India police patrol should be increased.

There should be an increase in the number of women helpline numbers, active and properly functioning 24 × 7 so that at the time of emergencies, every call is attended and forwarded to the nearest police station.

Self-defence training camps should be initiated to make women self-reliant and fight back assaulters and molesters.

Last but not the least, the government has to come up with stricter laws to punish the perpetrators and protect the victims.

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