Article on Midday Meal Scheme – How to Improve It?

Midday meal programme of the government started with the noble cause of encouraging children to come to school and improve their nutritional status. But reports of the recent death of 23 children in Bihar and other incidents of negligence in cooking the mid-day meal has produced an alarming effect on the minds of parents. You are Akshit/Akshita, Head boy/ Head girl of your school. Write an article in 120-150 words on the topic – ‘Midday Meal Scheme — How to improve it ?’

Midday Meal Scheme – How to Improve It?

By Akshit

Recent reports of 23 school children dying after consuming the mid-day meal and many similar incidents reported from several other parts of India are the evidence of gross negligence on the part of these institutions and a betrayal of the trust of the parents who agreed to send their children to school in the hope that in addition to gaining knowledge, the practice will ensure at least one meal of the day for them. Rather the entire society is sceptical of the intentions and trustworthiness of such schemes.

Although the thought behind starting the program as a part of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is honourable and practical as teaching children with empty stomach would be a futile activity. But formulating schemes alone is not enough and their implementation is equally important.

The incidents mentioned have to be seriously investigated and suitable positive action should be taken to serve as a deterrent. Further, principles should be laid down for greater accountability of these institutions. Under the Right to Information Act, any NGO or philanthropic organization should be able to demand an account of the funds allocated.

Only strict vigilance on these activities by NGOs and responsible citizens can ensure the success of the government’s schemes.

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