Article on Misuse of Science

Science has given us many things. But it is the man who misuses them. Write an article on ‘Misuse of Science’.

Misuse of Science

Today is the age of science. Almost the whole world is trying to convert itself into digital one. The present time is therefore dependent on science and technology. In the coming years survival without electronic gadgets would be almost impossible. But there are various examples where science is being misused to create panic and terror in the society. Scientific experiments on various deadly diseases are let out to cause mass destruction. Technology is used more for warfare purposes, to kill and to terrorize. The resulting product of scientific research can robustly sway the norms of our civilization and even determine the fate of the humans. In all, the application of science has been valuable to human society and has greatly raised the quality of life, but it has also led to the growth of means to destroy human society.

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