Article on Need for Education of Girls

Write an article for your school magazine justifying the need for education of girls in the country for national development.

Need for Education of Girls

By Rohan

Education is the fundamental right of all children – be it a boy or a girl. But many people hold a different opinion. They believe that a girl child has no benefit of education. They forget that education develops self-confidence in a person. There are only a few people who feel that girls should also be educated.

A girl is no less than a boy in intelligence and perseverance. She can also contribute towards raising the standard of living of her family. ‘Educate a girl and you educate the whole family’ is a well known saying, people must be made aware of that and a girl should also be given the same opportunity to education as a boy.

If we empower women of our country, we are empowering our society and nation as well. Without women empowerment, the growth and development of a society will be slow.

So the education of girl must be given prior importance. They should not be treated as domestic workers. It is only women who will give their contribution towards nation building in the form of providing educated male and female youth. This will lead a nation towards a brighter future.

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