Article on Need of Better Public Transport

People like to travel to their places of work in their own cars. It is comfortable and they also reach their destinations more or less in time. However, use of private vehicles leads to pollution and traffic jams and it is expensive – also. Air-conditioned public buses, which are smaller in size, seating 15-20 people and tickets, reasonably priced can be a boon for the people. Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic. ‘Need of better Public Transport.’ You are Resham/Rehana.

Need of Better Public Transport

By Resham/Rehana

We all know that travelling by a private vehicle is very convenient and takes far less time than public transport but simultaneously/it leads to pollution and traffic jams. Moreover, they prove to be extremely expensive as the petrol prices are increasing day by day. In that case, there is a serious need of better public transport which is comfortable and can accommodate 15 to 20 people at a time. The ticket prices should also be reasonable so that everyone can afford it. It is a known fact that in metro cities, from every house, a minimum of two to three vehicles are used by the members for going to their working places. Sometimes they remain stranded in their vehicles for long hours due to heavy traffic jams which result into excessive emission of polluted gases in the atmosphere and delay to reach their destinations.

So it would be far better if the government provides good public transport facilities which could be accessible to all. It would create lot of convenience for the general public and daily commuters. It has many social, economic and environmental benefits. Social benefits of using public transport are multifold. It helps in developing a sense of being a community among people. They feel a connection with those who are traveling with them. It encourages people to have a healthy lifestyle as they walk to their stations, stands or stops. Moreover, it is less stressful as it saves a lot of time. Economic benefits include less expenditure of money on buying cars or spending money on its maintenance. Travelling by public transport is much cheaper than private transport. It also reduces pollution and road congestion thus, helps in environmental conservation.

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