Article on Negative Impact of Internet on Children

You are Ankit/Ankita of Class X. You have seen an increasing craze among children for watching videos on the Internet, thereby wasting their time. Even the content may be inappropriate for their age. Write an article for your school magazine on ‘Negative Impact of the Internet on Children’ in 100-150 words

Negative Impact of the Internet on Children

Nowadays internet has become an essential element in a man’s life. It gives us a platform to create our own virtual social space where we can upload or won information. But it has made man a recluse. Gone are the days when the internet was just a place to search some information. Social networking sites have revolutionized the meaning and use worldwide web. Now it’s a great source to link and be in touch with those who are sitting miles apart geographically.

Addiction to these sites can affect our mental condition, sometimes it becomes a big reason of depression and tension. The user’s reliability is not sure. It’s very hard to trust any stranger on these sites. It attacks many children and youth and plays with their emotions. They don’t want to mix up with others. For them browsing the Internet is the only thing in life. Other interests and considerations are secondary. It affects children’s studies as they spend their valuable time on these sites and lose their interest in studies and concentration. Sometimes, it encourages many scams.

Though these sites have many adverse effects, yet they are an effective tool in communicating with millions of people and exchanging our views worldwide. We all need to change their use. The only thing we should understand is the boundary line. It is up to what limit these should be trusted and used.

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