Article on Overpopulation

You are Ravi, a student of class IX. You saw the following picture in a magazine, describing the pitiful condition of society due to over-population. Using your own ideas write an article on ‘OverPopulation’ in about 100-150 words.


By: Ravi

The world is reeling under the weight of over–population which is increasing by each day. The resources of the earth are limited and the numbers of people to use them are more. This is leading to a lot of problems like food and energy crisis. There is a severe food shortage in the world. Over–population has also led to an excessive exploitation of the earth and the resources have depleted. The ecological balance of the earth has got disturbed and it has led to a lot of other problems like national calamities and global warming. Population has become a grave problem and needs to be addressed immediately before it leads to a major catastrophe.

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