Article on Physical Education in Schools

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Physical Education in Schools

By Rohan

Education in schools suffers from many draw backs. It does not lead to an all round development of personality. Physical education in schools has not received its due attention and importance. Education is confined to the Humanities, Science and Commerce. The result is disastrous. It is really a matter of great shame that a country of about 120 crore people has not produced an athlete who can win a gold medal at the Olympics. On the other hand, a tiny country like Cuba runs away with a dozen medals at the Olympics.

Neglectful attitude of teachers, parents and the government is responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Physical Education should be a compulsory subject up to the secondary level. It is a pity that our schools lack the primary facilities required in this field. Many of them don’t possess good playgrounds and other facilities for sports. Like the European countries, we should identify the potential sportsmen while they are still young. A comprehensive physical education and training using modern and scientific techniques can produce good results. Sports and games are a media of national unity and national solidarity. Inter-school tournaments held in different states foster a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.

Sports and games are a great source of information, education and discipline. They make us physically and mentally strong. After all, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

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